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The LDOM application enables you to configure and manage logical domains in the Solaris Containers. This application class parameter monitors the configuration of the logical domains, including the control domain provided in the Solaris 10 environment.

The product creates a separate instance for each configured and active domain. Depending on the role of each domain, a set of parameters is monitored. If the domain goes from an active to inactive state, its instance is retained. However, the parameters reporting CPU utilization and domain role that are not relevant when the domain is inactive are deactivated from monitoring for that instance. 

This application class monitors, gathers, and stores the vital statistics using parameters that are reported only from inside the primary domain. The LDOM application class contains several parameters that provide information about the ldoms in Solaris Containers.


Instances of the LDOM application class are displayed within the SOLARIS_VIRTUALIZATION application class.

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