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You can install PATROL for UNIX and Linux locally on a single computer or remotely on multiple computers using the BMC Software Distribution Server.

You use the Distribution Server to perform remote installations or uninstallations of BMC Software distributed systems products across multiple systems from a central location.

With the Distribution Server you can

  • Install, uninstall, upgrade, and reinstall products on remote systems from one central location.
  • Create collections of products and system groups to distribute multiple products to multiple systems in one distribution.
  • Schedule a distribution for a specific date and time.
  • Maintain multiple product versions to be distributed.
  • View reports to check distribution status, gather distribution data, and diagnosis problems.

Import a CD Image or Customized Installation Package into the Distribution Server

This task describes how to import components into the Distribution Server for deployment to multiple locations.

Before you begin

Ensure that you use the Distribution Server version or later and apply any available patches.

To Import Components in to the Distribution Server

  1. Using the Distribution Server Manager, start the Distribution Server and connect to it.
  2. In the Distribution Server tab area, click the Components tab.
  3. In the list area, click Import.
  4. Navigate to the location where the components are located and click Next.
  5. Select the directory that contains the Products directory (do not select the Products directory itself).
    If the components are not accessible on a local drive, you can specify them by using the NFS name and path.


    Assuming that you copied the CD image into a directory called merged_CD and then, after migrating your customizations and creating a customized installation package, you copied the updated package to the directory containing the CD image, the resultant directory structure would resemble merged_CD/Products/pukchm. You would select the directory merged_CD.

  6. Select the check boxes for the components that you want to import and click OK.
  7. On the Import Components screen, click Import to import the selected components.
  8. When the Import Status screen is displayed, click Close.
  9. If the components you are importing are located on another CD, the Import External Dependencies screen is displayed. Enter or browse to the location of the CD listed on the Import External Dependencies screen click Next.
  10. On the Import Components screen, click Import to import the selected components.
  11. When the Import Status screen is displayed, click Close.

Where to go from here

To remotely install PATROL KM for UNIX throughout your enterprise, use the instructions in the Distribution Server Getting Started Guide at Related products and documentation . For an overview of that process, see Installing PATROL KM for UNIX Using the Distribution Server

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