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The FILESYSTEM application class contains an instance for each file system that is being monitored. Each file system instance contains parameters on free and used space, free and used inodes, and system capacity.

The product discovers all non-global file-system instances under the FILESYSTEM application class. After discovery, the Solaris non-global file-system instances display as zone_name:file-system_nameNon-global NFS file-systems are excluded from monitoring as the product does not get related data from the global zone.

In case the FILESYSTEM instance label consists of more than 20 characters, then by default, the display name of the instance label is truncated. The /PUK/FILESYSTEM/dispFullName pconfig variable enables you to display the complete FILESYSTEM instance label. You can assign the following values to this variable:

  • 0: Displays the truncated FILESYSTEM instance label if the characters are more than 20.
  • 1: Displays the complete FILESYSTEM instance label.

The following figure illustrates the basic hierarchy. It does not necessarily display all the parameters in this application class.

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