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This task describes how to turn the debugging feature on and off for the FILESYSTEM application discovery process.

Before you begin

This debug command provides the following information about the FILESYSTEM discovery process.

  • Mounted systems
  • Filesystem instances
    • Name
    • PATROL object labels
    • PATROL object rule state
    • Filesystem type
    • Computer type
    • Options

To Turn Debugging On/Off for FILESYSTEM Discovery

  1. Access the UNIX OS application menu as described in Accessing KM Commands and InfoBoxes.
  2. Select Knowledge Module Admin > FILESYSTEM Application > Toggle FILESYSTEM Disc. Debug.
    Depending upon the current debug state, BMC PATROL writes one of the following messages to the system output window. TRUE means that debug is turned on. FALSE means that debug is turned off.

    CCYY0621151414 FILESYSTEM debug set to TRUE
    CCYY0621151414 FILESYSTEM debug set to FALSE
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