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If the PATROL KM for UNIX does not seem to be collecting process data or populating parameters correctly, you might have entered an incorrect root password during installation. If you do not supply the correct root password, the installation program proceeds normally and installs all the necessary files successfully.


The installation program prompts you for the root password, regardless of the target platform.

On HP-UX, you will not lose process data unless DCM/bgscollect is disabled.

This failure to collect data can also adversely affect other PATROL components and application classes, such as the ERP and database products, which rely on operating system process information.


If you entered the root password incorrectly, use the following procedure to resolve this problem:

  1. Log onto the computer as root.
  2. Type*./*. (see following table for possible parameters)
  3. Type ./

Collector configuration and basic troubleshooting video

Click to view a short video on how to configure collector configuration and basic troubleshooting.

Parameters for ./




Sets the ownership and permission of files in the installation to setuid root, and configures the policy files in the /etc/patrol.d


Sets the ownership and permission of files in the installation to setuid root


Configures the policy files in the /etc/patrol.d


The name of script contains the nnnn variable, which always reflects the current version of the Perform Data Collector. In the example shown in step 3, the variable refers to version 7.1.40.