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This task describes how to set up the Filesystem Cleanup recovery action, which removes files once the percentage of the file system currently in use, measured by FSCapacity parameter, exceeds the threshold established in either Alarm1 or Alarm2. This recovery action attempts to remove core dump files, and if the file system is /tmp or /tmp is mounted off this file system, attempts to remove from /tmp files that are 30 days old or older.

Before you Begin

  • You must be root to run this command.
  • For a given FILESYSTEM instance, the FSCapacity parameter must be active.
  • This recovery action applies to all filesystems except NFS, CDROM and proc.

To Set Up Automatic File System Cleanup

  1. Access the Computer application menu as described in Accessing KM Commands and InfoBoxes.
  2. Select Configure Recovery Actions.


    PATROL displays the Register Recovery Actions dialog box, which lists all available recovery actions.

  3. Select the FilesystemCleanup recovery action and click Accept.
  4. PATROL displays the Recovery Actions Instance dialog box. This recovery action applies to all FILESYSTEM instances.
  5. Select the only item in the list and click Edit.
    PATROL displays the Edit Recovery Action dialog box.
  6. Select the mode of the recovery action clicking the corresponding radio button.
      • Run Unattended—PATROL runs the recovery action automatically, without prompting you
      • Run Attended—PATROL prompts you before running the recovery action
      • Do Not Execute—PATROL does not perform the recovery action. This mode is the default setting.

    If you select Run Unattended, use the slide bar to set the amount of time PATROL waits for user input before it cancels the recovery action.

  7. Click ACCEPTPATROL closes the Edit Recovery Actions dialog box and displays the Recovery Action Instances dialog box.
  8. Click ClosePATROL closes the Recovery Action Instances dialog box and displays the Registered Recovery Actions dialog box. 
  9. Click ClosePATROL closes the Registered Recovery Actions dialog box and enables the recovery action based on the options that you chose. 

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