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The Knowledge Module (KM) for UNIX contains the knowledge that PATROL uses during system monitoring, analysis, and management activities. This knowledge can include command descriptions, applicationsparameters, recovery actions, and other information useful in administering UNIX systems.

The KM parameters allow you to perform system performance analysis quickly and easily because they can provide a detailed statement of all system activity through time. You can clearly identify peaks, troughs, and trends in the performance of system resources.

By enabling you to detect problems, optimize systems, analyze trends, plan for capacity, and manage simultaneous, multiple host, the KM helps you ensure that your UNIX systems run efficiently 24 hours a day.

The components and products that are included in version 9.13.00 of PATROL for UNIX and Linux are shown below.


Installation Utility

BMC PATROL Agent9.6.00
BMC PATROL KM for Log Management2.7.10
BMC PATROL KM for Event Management2.9.10
BMC PATROL History Loader KM1.5.20

BMC PATROL Perform Data Collector

BMC PATROL Perform Agent9.5.00
BMC PATROL Security3.0.16


  • The minimum required version of BMC PATROL Perform Data Collector (bgscollect) is For Linux, it is
  • The Data Collection Manager (DCM) executable version in the default image of BMC PATROL KM for UNIX version 9.13.00 or above is For Linux, it is

The following topics briefly describe each of the components and products that support the BMC PATROL for UNIX and Linux knowledge module: