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The PATROL KM for UNIX has two collection methods: PATROL Scripting Language (PSL) and Data Collection Manager (DCM). PATROL for UNIX uses the DCM collector by default, if it is installed. If the DCM collector is not installed, or the DCM collector fails, PATROL for UNIX will use the PSL collection method.

To change the collection method,

  1. Access the UNIX OS application KM menu commands as described in Accessing KM Commands and InfoBoxes.
  2. Select KM Commands > Knowledge Module Admin > Toggle PSL/DCM CollectionPATROL changes the collection method. In the process of changing collectors, PATROL destroys some existing parameters and creates others.


    Neither collection method gathers data for every parameter available in the KM. For a list of parameters that are deactivated for a specific collection method, see DCM Collection Exceptions or PSL Collection Exceptions.

  3. Access the Computer application menu as described in Accessing application parameter definitions
  4. Select Update Connection.

PATROL reconnects to the Agent and displays the parameters supported by the chosen data collection method.


Step 3 and Step 4 are optional. PATROL will automatically reconnect to the Agent. However, due to various discovery intervals, impatient users can reconnect using the menu command faster than the automated procedure.

Determining which Collector is being used

This section tells you how to determine which collector is currently being used in your environment. If you are using the PSL data collection method, a COLLECTORS icon (shown in following figure) is displayed in the computer window.

COLLECTORS Icon (PSL Data Collection Method)

If you are using the DCM data collection method, a DCM icon (shown in following figure) is displayed in the computer window.

DCM Icon (DCM Data Collection Method)

Additional DCM Version Check Optionally Disabled

Before running DCM, the product executes the dcm -v command to check the current version of DCM. If this command fails to run or returns with unexpected results, the product switches the collection mode to PSL. This can happen if the /usr/adm/best1_XXXX directory, which contains links to required libraries, does not have read permissions granted for the PATROL user. However, you can fix this issue by setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to contain the full path. You can disable the version check by setting the /UNIX_OS/ DCMVersionCheck pconfig variable to FALSE.

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