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In a logical domain (LDOM) environment, you need to have privileges to view the LDOM configuration from the primary domain. To monitor the features of the logical domains, the BMC PATROL default account must have the authorization.

During the installation process, on the Manage '' authorization for PATROL user page, select the Grant authorization check box to become an authorized user if you have also provided the privileged user information. If you did not provide the privileged user information during the installation, you must run the ./ a -U <patrol_user> script from the Patrol3 directory as a part of the post-installation actions, by becoming a privileged user. This will grant you the authorization.

This grants you the authorization to run ldm commands such as ldm list and ldm list*. PATROL uses these commands to report the LDOM configuration from the primary domain.

If you do not select this option while installing PATROL in the primary domain, you will not be able to monitor the LDOM configuration.

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