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To access a parameter definition:

  1. From the PATROL Console main window, choose Attributes > Application Classes from the pull-down menu. The List of Application Classes window opens.
  2. Highlight the application for which you want parameter information.
  3. Choose Attributes > Parameters from the pull-down menu in the List of Application Classes window. The List of Parameters window opens with a list of all parameters defined for that application.
  4. Highlight the parameter for which you want to see a definition.
  5. Choose Edit > Modify or double-click on the right Mouse buttons. The definition window for that parameter opens. In that window, you can change the parameter definitions such as activating an inactive parameter, changing the output from a graph to a gauge, or changing the poll time.

For more information on customizing parameters, refer to the PATROL Console Help or the PATROL Console for UNIX User Guide or the PATROL Console for Microsoft Windows User Guide volume 1 through 3.


You can only change a parameter definition if you are using a developer's console. If you are using an operator's console, you can only view the parameter definitions to see the default settings.



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