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You can specify the action that the Infrastructure Management Servers must perform when the policy is applied. The actions apply to all the devices associated with the BMC PATROL Agent and all the monitor instances that the agent monitors.

Before you begin

Ensure that monitor configuration is complete before the server configuration is applied. Server configuration cannot be applied to the monitors that are not configured through Central Monitoring Administration. If you have not done so already, perform the steps provided under the following sections:

To add server configuration

  1. On the Server Configuration page, provide the following details:

    Add monitors to groupName of a group on the Infrastructure Management Server under which you want to add the monitors that are created as a result of this policy

    You can provide multiple group names, separated by commas. If a group does not exist, a new group is created. Use a forward slash (/) to specify a group in a hierarchy. For example, server/device1/myGroup.

    If more than one group exists with the same name and a distinct hierarchy is not specified, monitor instances are not added to the group. The g
    roup names are case sensitive.
    Copy baseline from device

    Display name of the device from which you want to copy the baseline

    Baseline for the monitor instances that are created on the child servers as a result of the policy are copied from the baseline of the corresponding monitor instances on the specified device. Baseline can be copied from the specified device only if the device is available on the child server.

    The device names are case sensitive.

    Associate Authorization Profiles with Computer System CI (Devices) for access control

    Name of the Authorization Profile on the presentation servers to associate with the devices that are created as a result of the policy

    The devices are associated with the specified Authorization Profile only if the Authorization Profiles are available on the presentation server. The Authorization Profiles are given both read and write permissions to the Devices.

    You can provide Authorization Profile names, separated by commas. The Authorization Profile names are case sensitive.

  2. After you complete the server configuration, click Next or Finish.

To edit a server configuration

  1. On the Server Configuration page, update the values.

  2. Click Update.

After you save or update a policy, the server configuration details are pushed to the selected BMC PATROL Agents.


When user groups in a policy are edited or deleted, the devices remain in the user groups to which they have been added. The changes to user groups affect the devices that are discovered after the policy is saved.

Managing groups in Central Monitoring Administration

The following table lists various use cases on adding and updating groups while creating a policy in Central Monitoring Administration and how these groups are displayed in the operator console.

Use caseBehavior of groups and monitors in the Operations Console
Initially no groups are present, and then you add a group while creating a policy in Central Monitoring AdministrationNo groups are created in the Operations Console because the groups are not present when the monitor instances are discovered.
Add a group and then change the group name by updating the policyA new group is created and this group will contain monitor instances from the old group. The old group is deleted.
Initially two groups are present and you add another group while updating the policyA new group is created and monitor instances from the already defined groups are copied to the new group.
Add a group while creating a policy and later remove the group while updating the policyThe group is deleted.
Delete or disable a policy that contains a groupThe group is deleted.

Groups are dynamically updated as and when a policy is updated.

Where to go from here

After you configure the PATROL Agent, you can perform any of the following procedures:

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