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Set up applications in the Operations Management console so that you can monitor application health. You can create and monitor applications, or you can monitor applications that are automatically discovered from App Visibility.

An application can be one or more software components that are distributed across different computer systems and which can be monitored. Examples of applications are Oracle Server and Apache Tomcat server.

Manually created applications

You can manually create applications in the Operations Management console by creating application models. Manual applications can include the following components:

  • Groups and devices that are synchronized from Infrastructure Management 
  •  Devices that are synchronized from App Visibility
  • Manually created groups

The status of a manual application is based on the event conditions that are specified with the application nodes.

For information about installation the Infrastructure Management environment, see Installing Infrastructure Management Open link .

Automatic application discovery by App Visibility

The name of an automatically discovered application is determined by the application URL. You can configure application discovery based on URL patterns, such as grouping URL patterns together or discarding patterns that are not relevant to your monitoring environment. You can then adjust event thresholds (SLAs) to determine the conditions when events are generated.

For information about installing the App Visibility environment, see Installing App Visibility components.

Where to go from here

To set up applications, perform one or more of the following procedures:

After you set up applications, you can start monitoring them.

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