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To enable infrastructure monitoring, you configure the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management infrastructure components and configure monitoring in the Central Monitoring Administration interface. The configuration discussed in this section is focused on configuration related to data collection, monitoring, and event management. Monitoring configuration includes deploying and setting up BMC PATROL Agents and defining monitoring policies to establish criteria for how the managed technology is monitored, such as the following:

  • Knowledge Modules that are loaded in the PATROL Agents for monitoring.
  • Data collection and event propagation filtering
  • Data collection frequencies
  • Thresholds


Review the best practice guidance in this section for monitoring configuration before you begin. Two major and high impact aspects of monitoring configuration administration include the following:

  • Organization - plan and define how you will organize policies in Central Monitoring Administration and follow your plan.
  • Process - plan, define, and follow a consistent repeatable process for managing, administering, and applying configuration settings.

The best practices discuss these aspects, provides recommendations, and lists limitations to help you understand the solution to improve your success. 

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