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This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.

To find information quickly, you can search for devices, events, groups, or monitors.

To search, click the search icon  and enter the search text. Click the search icon again or press Enter to start the search.

The following points summarize the search behavior:

  • The number of search results displayed depends on the preference that you have set for the Devices, Events, or Groups pages.

    For example, in the Devices preferences, if you set the Maximum Tiles/Records to Display setting to 600, only 600 search results are displayed. The maximum value you can set for this preference is 1000.

    To narrow down the search results, review and refine the search criteria.

  • Devices, groups, or monitors that contain the search text in their names, or events that contain the search text in one of the event slots are displayed.
  • Search is performed only on those slots of a CORE_EVENT class that are visible to you in the event list at that instance.
  • The following event slots are not considered when you search for events:
  • Search is performed on all the devices, events, groups, or monitors and not just on the filtered results, if any, that are already in place.
  • Search is not case sensitive except on event slots with type LIST_OF_STRING.
  • To cancel the search results and go back to the main view, click in the search results window.

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