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This section provides information about what is new or changed in this space, including urgent issues, documentation updates, service packs, and patches. 


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20 November 2016Change in support for versions of .NET FrameworkDescribes a change in .NET Framework version support.
19 March 2016Infrastructure Management – PATROL Repository 10.0.03

This release of the repository contains updates to the following monitoring solutions:

  • BMC PATROL for AIX 1.0.00
  • BMC PATROL for Oracle 9.7.00
  • BMC PATROL for SAP Solution Manager
  • BMC PATROL for iSeries 4.0
  • BMC PATROL for Microsoft Exchange Servers 6.1.00
  • BMC PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers 4.9.00
  • BMC PATROL for Microsoft Cluster Server 1.9.20
28 December 2015Hotfix 1000002Hotfix 1000002 released to fix defects QM001886940, QM001887891, QM001887890, QM001891741, and TOM-15745.
25 December 2015Deprecated support for App Visibility agent for .NET on Windows 2003Describes a change in third-party software support.
20 November 2015Hotfix 1000001Hotfix 1000001 released to fix defects QM001886940, QM001887891, and TOM-15745.
19 June 201510.0.00 features

Features available in this release:

  • Real-time analytics
  • Application visibility for IT Operations
  • Extended monitoring
  • Improved views and usability
  • Common administration
  • Flexible dashboards

To create a PDF version of the 10.0.00 release notes, click here.


Ready-made PDFs are available on the PDFs page. You can also create a custom PDF.

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The BMC Documentation portal gives you the ability to generate PDF and Microsoft Word documents of single pages, and to create PDF exports of multiple pages in a space.  

Creating PDF and Word exports

You can create a PDF of a page or a set of pages. (Non-English page exports are not supported.) You can also create a Word document of the current page.

To export to PDF or Word

  1. From the Tools menu in the upper-right, select a format:
    • Export to Word to export the current page to Word format
    • Export to PDF to export the current page or a set of pages to PDF
  2. If exporting to PDF, select what you want to export:
    • Only this page to export the current page
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    For example, selecting This page and its children from the home page exports the entire space to PDF.


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