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Roles comprise sets of permissions that provide role-based access to the Operations Management features, and are a required component of authorization profiles. Users with the Super Admin role can create, view, edit, and delete roles, including the default roles, in the Operations Management console. 


Modifying the default roles to accommodate the requirements of your environment is an easy way to customize the default authorization profiles. Before creating any new roles, review the default authorization profiles and the default role properties.

The Roles page lists all of the roles (default and custom) and enables you to create new roles and edit or delete existing roles.

  • You can create new roles by accessing the Roles action menu.
  • If you manage many roles, you can filter the list by typing a character string in the search box. In the example, typing admin filters out all roles that do not contain that character string. 
  • From the action menu next to each role, you can choose to edit or delete the role. 

The following topics describe the activities required to create and maintain roles: