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Disaster recovery deployments are designed to handle cases of disaster. In disaster recovery deployments, some amount of downtime and loss of data are tolerated by the enterprise user. Disaster recovery implementations typically span geographies and data centers over a WAN to provide increased protection from events that could affect any individual data center. 

Disaster recovery system architecture for Presentation Server 

The disaster recovery system consists of two Presentation Servers, a primary server and a recovery server. You need not do any configuration on the primary Presentation Server. Every installation of the Presentation Server is disaster recovery ready. During a disaster, when a primary server is down, the data is restored at the recovery Presentation Server so that data and service availability are continued.

Components of Operations Management disaster recovery system

The following image illustrates the components of a disaster recovery deployment.


Primary and recovery Presentation Servers

The recovery Presentation Server is the backup server for the primary Presentation Server and must be up when the primary Presentation Server fails. Both the servers must have the following configuration:
  • Identical operating system version
  • Identical hardware configuration
  • Identical operating system locale
  • Located in the same domain
  • Configured logical fully qualified domain names
  • Identical time zone, location, and language settings

Storage replication solution

A storage replication solution automatically backs up the database and configuration files at frequent intervals even when the primary Presentation Server is up and running.

The backed-up files are critical to bring up the recovery Presentation Server at the time of a disaster.

If you do not have a storage replication solution, you can also manually back up these files. The storage replication solution helps reduce system down time when compared to the manual backup process.


Check with your IT administrator for the appropriate storage replication solution.

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