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The pw cmdb command supports the integration of Infrastructure Management with BMC Atrium CMDB and can be run only by the following users:

  • Root user on UNIX and Linux, or the Administrators belonging to the group Administrators on Microsoft Windows
  • Infrastructure Management users with Administrator privileges

Registering links with BMC Atrium CMDB

The following command lets you register the Infrastructure Management links (Device At A Glance (%PN_WEB_SERVER), Event List (%PN_WEB_SERVER), View Service Impact Graph (%PN_WEB_SERVER%)) with BMC Atrium CMDB as federated data, so they are available to other applications for cross launch into Infrastructure Management. When you run the command again, only the newly added links will be registered, and the links already registered will be ignored.
pw cmdb federation register [force] [-protocol <protocol (http | https)>] [-port]

  • force — You can use this option to re-register the links.
  • protocol — If you use this option, the Infrastructure Management web server protocol will be replaced. Default value is http.
  • port — This option replaces the Infrastructure Management web server port. Default value is 80.

Storing credentials required for cross-launch and publishing server

You can integrate with the BMC Atrium CMDB either during or after installation. If this is the first time that you are integrating Infrastructure Management with BMC Atrium CMDB, then you must use either the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server Maintenance Tool or the appropriate script for your operating system:

  • BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server Maintenance Tool:
    • (UNIX or Linux): usr/pw/utility/
    •  (Microsoft Windows): InstallationDirectory\pw\utility\BPPMServerMaintenanceTool.cmd
  • BMC Atrium CMDB integration script:
    • (UNIX or Linux): usr/pw/pronto/bin/integrate_atrium_cmdb
    • (Microsoft Windows): InstallationDirectory\pw\pronto\bin\integrate_atrium_cmdb.bat

If you want to modify the credentials of an existing integration, use the pw cmdb credentials command to modify the following credentials for cross-launch and publishing server. These inputs are updated in the InstallationDirectory/pw/custom/conf/cmdb_crosslaunch_credentials.conf and InstallationDirectory/pw/server/etc/pserver.conf files, respectively, and the common input credentials will be updated in both the files.

Credentials for Cross Launch and Publishing Server

Cross Launch

Publishing Server

UDDI Host Name

CMDB Host Name

UDDI Port no


UDDI User Name

CMDB User Name

UDDI Password

CMDB Password

AR Server/CMDB User Name


AR Server/CMDB Password




pw cmdb credentials -uddi_host <uddi server host name>
	 -uddi_port <uddi server port no> -uddi_user <uddi user name>
	 -uddi_pass <uddi password> -cmdb_host <cmdb server host name>
	 -cmdb_port <cmdb server port> -cmdb_user <cmdb user name>
	 -cmdb_pass <cmdb password> -cmdb_version <CMDB server


The UDDI parameters are optional. However, when the UDDI parameters are not provided, cross launch from Infrastructure Management into other applications will fail.