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Infrastructure Management makes it easier for administrators to monitor and manage infrastructure components in a real-time service model.

These infrastructure components include cells, servers, and integrations. In the Infrastructure Management tab, you can perform actions on these components, such as editing configuration and log files and packaging support files for troubleshooting purposes. Administrators can remotely manage a subset of Infrastructure Management Infrastructure Management components and applications. In the Infrastructure Management tab on the Administration tab of the administrator console, these users can manually launch remote actions (stop, start, pause, etc.) by selecting the component, right-clicking to open the pop-up menu, and choosing the action from a list of available ones. The availability of the actions depended on the user role and the type of component or application.

The following group roles have full write permission to the components and features of the Infrastructure Management tab:

  • Service Administrators 
  • Event Administrators 
  • Super Admin

Only members of these groups can view the Infrastructure Management tab.