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This section contains general guidelines for working with publication logs.

After you submit a promotion request in BMC Impact Model Designer, the promotion results dialog box reports only the success or failure of a promotion. It does not offer information about publication status.

You can view detailed information about each publication request from the request logs. Access the request logs in one of the following ways:

  • Publication History window in the administration console (For information, see the Infrastructure Management Administrator Guide.)
  • Request log files on the Product Short server, located in the installDirectory\pw\server\log\ps_ hostname folder
  • CLI command pshowlog requestId (for information, see the Infrastructure Management Command Line Interface Reference Guide )

The publication logs include detailed messages from the different products it communicates with, such as BMC Atrium Core Console, BMC Atrium CMDB, and the cells.

You can view the history of publication requests to confirm the status of the request or to troubleshoot issues. 
From the Administration tab of the administration console, expand the folder Root > Advanced Options > BMC Atrium CMDB > Publication Filter. Select and right-click Publication History, and select View Publication History.

The Publication History window displays the date and time of each request, the request status, and the publication source (or publisher) of the request.

The following table describes the available publication request statuses:

Publication request statuses




Publication request passed to the cell successfully.


Status of the publication request is unknown. The status can indicate that the publishing server is waiting for a response from the system, or that a publication is in progress.
Wait some time and then click Refresh to the updated status. You can also close the window and reopen it later.


Publication request failed to be passed to the cell. Common reasons include parts of the system that are down, or responses that time out. See the Publication Details pane of the Publication History window for details.

The following table lists publishers that can be the source of requests to the publishing server: 

Publication sources for requests



Automated Publisher

Publication request sent automatically at termination of a reconciliation job, especially when at termination of the promotion from the BMC Impact Model Designer.

proactiveNetServer is the name of the Infrastructure Management Server computer.

Publication request sent through the publish CLI command on the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server.


Publication request sent through the pclassinfo CLI command on the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server.


Publication request sent through the pint CLI command on the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server.


Publication request sent through the penv CLI command on the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server.


Publication request sent by creating or editing static or dynamic filters in the Administration Console.

For details about CLI commands, see Infrastructure Management pw commands.

Detailed information about each publication request is displayed in the Publication Details pane of the Publication History window.


The publishing server retrieves publication changes for a subscription from the Notification Engine, a component of BMC Atrium CMDB. If the publication fails, the system removes the current subscriptions and subscribes again to the Notification Engine. This process causes the publishing server to retrieve and publish all service model components, not only the latest changes. The Publication History window reflects this activity.

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