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The probable cause analysis information for an event is displayed in the Probable Cause Analysis For Selected Event screen in the Operations Console. This screen displays the probable cause events that remain after all the relevant filters have been applied.

To view probable cause analysis for an event

You can view the probable cause analysis from the Tools menu or by clicking the icon.

  1. From the event list, select the event for which you want to determine probable cause.
  2. You can launch into the probable cause analysis page from the
  3. Tools menu icon (or ) in the Object column of the event Details area and choose Probable Cause Analysis
    Probable Cause Analysis icon located in one of the following locations:
    • Above the event list
    • In the Summary column of the event Details area
    • To the right of any monitor graph display

Event Being Analyzed section

This section of the Probable Cause Analysis For Selected Event screen displays information about the event for which you are trying to find the probable cause (also called the primary event). This section includes:

  1. Severity level
  2. Time at which the event occurred

Probable Cause Events section
This section enables you to set the user-defined filters. For information about enabling these filters, see Customizing the display of the Probable Cause Analysis list.

From the Probable Cause Analysis For Selected Event screen, you can view:

  • A graph of the raw data for the selected event
  • The attributes and indicators for the selected event
  • Monitor information for the selected event

    If you determine that particular conditions for a particular instance always indicate probable cause, you can set up a knowledge pattern that saves and recognizes those particular conditions. When that pattern is encountered again, Infrastructure Management will instantly identify those conditions as the probable cause for the event. For information about defining a knowledge pattern, see Saving recurring conditions as a known probable cause.

Secondary events pane

The bottom pane of the Probable Cause Analysis page contains the list of probable cause events that are determined for the primary event after all the event filters have been applied. There are two tabs in this pane, the By Score and the By Device tabs.

  • By Score: This tab sorts the probable cause events based on the highest score.
  • Click the Detailed Diagnostics icon to view detailed diagnostics for the event. The Tools menu also is available for this event from the Probable Cause Analysis For Selected Event screen.
  • By Device: This tab sorts the probable cause events by device.

    If the device for this event includes BladeLogic job which has run before 24 hours before and 30 minutes after the primary event the icon for the job type is displayed in the Most Recent BladeLogic Job Type column. The BladeLogic icon depends on the latest job that is executed. The tooltip displays the time of the last run BladeLogic job with respect to the primary event. Click the Tools menu icon for the event and choose BladeLogic Device History to view BladeLogic device history page. For more information about integration with BMC BladeLogic, see Integrating Infrastructure Management with BMC Server Automation .