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This topic provides information to help you troubleshoot issues that you might encounter with the BMC Change Management and Infrastructure Management integration.

Problem: Blackout policy is not created for events that are received successfully by Infrastructure Management

Ensure that the pronet.jserver.ruleconfigurator.enable flag in the pronet.conf file is set to true. If a blackout policy is not created, check if the pronet.jserver.ruleconfigurator.eventcollectiondowntime.enable flag is set to true. If the problem persists even after the flag is set to true, check the JServer logs for any errors. Some of the possible error conditions are:

  • Mandatory slots are not propagated from the cell to the gateway event handler.
  • The configuration item (CI) does not exist.

Problem: Event is not created in the cell

Check the web services logs for any change notifications. If change notifications are present, check the web services logs for any error conditions. Some of the possible error conditions are:

  • The event is invalid.
  • Mandatory slots are missing.
  • Other internal server error.
    If JServer receives the event, check the JServer logs if the event is available. If the event is available, check for any error. Some of the possible error conditions are:
  • The cell is not connected.
  • An exception has occurred in the cell, due to invalid data.
    If the operator console does not display the event after it is sent successfully to the cell, check the cell logs for any error.
    If the cell receives the event, check the cell logs for any errors.

Problem: Infrastructure Management does not receive the event and there are no log entries in the Infrastructure Management logs

Perform the following steps to verify that the Infrastructure Management - BMC Change Management integration is active:

  1. From BMC Remedy Change Management, select Application Administration Console> Custom Configuration> Change Management> Advanced Options> Change CI Event Notification to BPPM> BPPM Subscription. The status of the Infrastructure Management instance must be Active.
  2. Click Test Connection. Verify the server name, user name, and password.
  3. Check the AR Java Plugin.log and Infrastructure Management.log files for any errors.
  4. Ensure that escalations are enabled in the AR Server setting.

Perform the following steps if events still do not appear on the operator console:

  1. Check the CAI:Events form for any Error Out events. Check the error message code defined in the event and take appropriate action as described in BMC Change Management integration errors.
  2. Infrastructure Management receives notifications only for CIs with cell-enabled classes. Verify that the CIs are cell-enabled.

Error logs

By default all logs are located at: installationDirectory/pw/pronto/logs/<logfolder>. The following table lists the location of logs of specific components:

Error logs

Log type


Web services




Debug log

installationDirectory/pw/pronto/logs/debug/eventws.debug.log and installationDirectory/pw/pronto/logs/debug/jserver.log


To enable debug logging, run the pw debug on -p JServer command.

BMC Change Management integration errors

The following table lists error codes, messages, and description of some common errors that can occur while integrating BMC Change Management with Infrastructure Management.


You can activate the integration on a Infrastructure Management standalone server or on a Central Server in multiserver deployments. You cannot activate this integration from a Child Server.

Integration errors

Error code and message


BPPM-RWS50000E=An internal server error occurred. Please contact your administrator.

An internal server error can occur due to several reasons. Check the error log for the exact reason why this error has occurred. Some of the possible reasons are:

  • The cell is not available.
  • An exception has occurred while processing the event.