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When you have a source of data other than BMC Atrium CMDB, you can send it to cells by using Direct Publish publishing. You provide a BAROC file that contains the data that is to be added, updated, or deleted in the cells. You run the CLI command pposter to publish the data from a Direct Publish environment. You can publish from multiple publishing environments.

Data that you send from a Direct Publish environment must be updated and deleted in the context of a Direct Publish environment. For example, if you create a component by publishing from the Direct Publish environment MySource, then the component can be updated or deleted only if it is published from the same Direct Publish environment.

The basic process of publishing from a Direct Publish source is as follows: 

Basic process of publishing from a Direct Publish source

Basic process

For instructions, see

1. Enable Direct Publishing.

Enabling Direct Publish publishing

2. Create a Direct Publish environment for CIs and impact relationships.

Sending Infrastructure Management data to the cell

3. Create a source file that contains the service model data in BAROC format.

Publishing Server architecture

4. Send service model data in the BAROC source file to the cells.

Publishing Server architecture