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IT architects and system administrators use the following information to plan a new deployment for BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management. For an upgrade, reference the deployment use cases and system requirements to understand how your current implementation might change; however, for full information and instructions on how to upgrade, see Upgrading.

Planning activityReference
Understand the end-to-end implementation process, from planning, to populating the system with data, and to tuning.

Implementation phases for Infrastructure Management

Record your planning decisions as you read through the planning information.

Planning considerations and worksheets for Infrastructure Management

Search for questions you might have about deploying Infrastructure Management, and get answers from subject matter experts who have insight into the best practices for deployment.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about deployment

Review the physical deployment options, and review best practices for deploying servers, databases, and consoles.

Deployment use cases and best practices

Size your deployment to select the appropriate deployment use case, select the appropriate hardware, and achieve a scalable implementation.

Sizing and scalability considerations and best practices

Review the measurements used to develop sizing guidelines and best practices for tuning the system for performance.

You can use the performance tuning guidelines to plan for configuration changes post-installation or to resolve performance challenges that after deployment.

Performance benchmarks and tuning
Acquire systems that have been tested, and ensure those systems have the appropriate software installed to support the Infrastructure Management product.System requirements and product compatibility
Check the ports used by the various Infrastructure Management components and plan whether or not to modify pre- or post-installation port settings to avoid conflicts in the environment.

Network ports

Understand what considerations or changes you should make in your environment to achieve a secure implementation.

Security planning

Check the localized operating systems on which the product components can be deployed.Language information
Understand which products and components are available with your license.License entitlements

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