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Performance data, also called raw data or stats data, is the attribute performance values collected during every poll of a monitor instance. Creating views for stats data of most monitor types is relatively easy, as data is organized in individual (horizontal) tables, which allow one-to-one mapping of stats table to a view for each monitor type available in the Infrastructure Management system.

MetaAPI application monitors' stats data is the exception to this rule and is organized in a single (vertical) table by attribute of each monitor. To address this about, a view for each Stats attribute is created and a view joining these views is created to give the effect of a horizontal table. The final view is the same as views created for other monitors. As a result, accessing MetaAPI monitor views is performance intensive.

Accessing stats data from a view is advantageous as values stored in the tables are multiplied by a scale factor that is different for each attribute and monitor type. Configuration data 'Configuration dataviews (<tablename prefix>_CFG_VIEW)' and Stats dataviews can be joined on the MOINSTID column to get all information related to an instance.

Stats dataviews are named as <tablename prefix>_ST_VIEW. Each of these Stats dataviews contains the following information:

Performance information




Monitor instance ID. This is a unique number generated for each instance. The value is assigned by Infrastructure Management system during monitor creation. This value is internal and fixed. This number identifies all other data for each instance.


UNIX time stamp when the data point was collected

Stats Attribute Name

Displays all Stats attributes with their values of these monitor types that are properly converted with appropriate conversion factors. The following values should be interpreted as described below:'No Response' = -2147483647'No Data' = -2147483646