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This topic covers information about the web services that help to manage Service Level Objectives (SLOs) in a Infrastructure Management system.

Overview of web services that manage SLOs

An SLO is a key component used to evaluate, monitor, and maintain acceptable service levels and compliance with service level agreements (SLAs). You can use these web services to create, delete, or update SLOs or retrieve the current status and metadata information of an SLO in a Infrastructure Management system.

For information about SLOs, see Managing service levels.


You cannot create or access nested SLOs because these web services do not support nested SLOs.

List of web service APIs

The following web service APIs are available to manage SLOs:

  • create — Defines a new SLO
  • update — Edits the basic information of an SLO
  • delete — Deletes an existing SLO
  • status — Retrieves the current status of an SLO
  • metadata — Retrieves metadata information about an SLO