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To leverage the triage and remediation capabilities that are part of the following BMC license add-ons, you must first install the basic BMC Atrium Orchestrator product components provided:

  • Infrastructure Management Performance Management – Event Management with Triage and Remediation
  • Infrastructure Management Performance Management – Server and Transaction Monitoring and Analytics with Triage and Remediation

These license add-ons provide the rights to use the following BMC Atrium Orchestrator product components:

  • One configuration distribution peer (CDP)
  • One activity peer (AP) for high-availability (HA) support
  • BMC Atrium Orchestrator Application Adapters for BMC applications
  • Three BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio licenses for workflow development
  • Five BMC Atrium Orchestrator Operator Control Panel licenses for workflow scheduling and management

You may use these BMC Atrium Orchestrator product components only within the context of the license add-ons that you have purchased. Using more license capacity for BMC Atrium Orchestrator product components than that listed is prohibited. Third-party BMC Atrium Orchestrator Application Adapters are licensed separately.

When you purchase one of the Infrastructure Management Performance Management license add-ons that includes triage and remediation, you receive the license rights to the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Runbooks-Triage and Remediation and the rights to the unrestricted use of the following three BMC Atrium Orchestrator Base Adapters:

  • SSH
  • Telnet
  • Windows command line

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