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VMware® vCloud Director is a cloud provider solution that provides role-based access to a Web console and allows members of an organization to interact with the organization's resources to create and work with vApps and virtual machines (VMs).

You can integrate the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server with the vCloud Director to:

  • Monitor vApps and VMs provisioned by vCloud Director
  • Monitor the cloud resources created by vCloud Director 

Advantages of the integration

Integrating the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server with the vCloud Director offers the following advantages:

  • You have access to a visual connection between the network structure and compute pools without opening a separate popup window.
  • It is now easier to design and set up the rules for aggregated thresholds.
  • A panoramic operations view of the status of cloud resources and infrastructure, tenants and users, and services is available.
  • You can see the following KPIs (if applicable) of objects in that view:
    • Status
    • Performance, availability
    • Real-time workload and utilization
  • You can view and analyze topology models for the entire infrastructure without manually creating the models.

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