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Entuity Network Monitoring for Infrastructure Management enables easy management of large networks. It enables IT administrators to identify whether their network infrastructure is supporting strategic IT services delivery.  It also enables them to use advanced analytics to proactively prevent network service degradations from financially degrading business operations.


    • Where I can get details of this integration ?


    1. Hello Renjith,

      This is the info from the main contact point for this integration:

      Basically the Entuity integration KM connects to the EYE server, discovers all of the monitored network devices and populates them within the BMC ProactiveNet server. Few key metrics are collected for each monitored network device, such as CPM, MEM.

      The installation and configuration steps are quite simple, Entuity server name and credentials are required.

      You can also see Entuity Network Monitor KM for more information.

      Hope this helps.