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BMC Service Resolution is a solution that detects and registers infrastructure incidents and application/service-aware incidents, informing you proactively of issues in the IT environment—for example, when a server is not responding, the Payroll Application is impacted or the Consumer Banking Service is slowing down.

The integration of BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management with BMC Service Resolution enables TrueSight Infrastructure Management to create incidents in BMC Remedy Service Desk based on events in the cell. It adds business context to incidents by enabling bidirectional flow of information between the cell and BMC Remedy Service Desk. 

Supported software versions

The following table lists the supported software versions for the integration:

Software component
BMC TrueSight Operations Management10.010.1

BMC Service Resolution


Setting up the integration

After you register the Infrastructure Management server with the Presentation Server, perform the following steps:

  1. Install BMC Service Resolution 3.0 for BMC Remedy IT Service Management. 
  2. Complete the BMC Service Resolution 3.0 post-installation tasks on BMC Remedy IT Service Management.
  3. Enable BMC Service Resolution 3.0 on BMC Infrastructure Management.
  4. (Windows) Ensure that the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management IBRSD service is disabled.
  5. Configure BMC Service Resolution 3.0 on BMC Infrastructure Management.


    The Event Based Incident Mapping, Component Based Incident Mapping, and BMC Intelligent Incident Service Policy Console forms are moved to the TrueSight console under Administration > Integrations > Intelligent Ticketing Configuration.

  6. Perform one-click integration validation test on BMC Infrastructure Management.

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