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Infrastructure Management integrates with BMC Service Level Management and provides a continuous process of defining, agreeing, monitoring, reporting, and reviewing the performance of IT services to make sure that adequate levels of service delivered in alignment with business needs and at acceptable cost.

For more information, see the BMC Service Level Management documentation.

Managing Infrastructure Management with Service Level Management (SLM)

Performance data collected by Infrastructure Management is exposed in Service Level Management to be utilized in Performance Based Service Targets. The metrics can be from Infrastructure Management monitors that are packaged with the product as well as from adapters to other enterprise performance monitoring solutions. Probable cause analysis from Infrastructure Management is shown in SLM as a link so that an impacted SVT can be linked to the reason behind the impact.


Infrastructure Management supports only unidirectional integration with SLM.

For more information about using the Infrastructure Management integration with SLM, see the BMC Service Level Management documentation.

Configuring a Collection Point to work with the  Infrastructure Management Server

To use an Infrastructure Management Server with the BMC SLM Collector, you must use the Infrastructure Management API .jar files.

  1. Install a BMC SLM Collection Point that will communicate with the  Infrastructure Management Server.
  2. Stop the BMC SLM Collection Point, and save the following files located in the Collection Point lib directory:
    1. pw_server.jar
    2. pw_util.jar

    Copy the following files from the  Infrastructure Management Server directory into the Collection Point lib directory:

    Jar name

    BMC  Infrastructure Management installation location









    jconn4.jar (for Sybase users)


    ojdbc6.jar (for Oracle users)










  3. Start the Collection Point.


Once the  Infrastructure Management API .jar files are copied to the Collection Point, it cannot be used for earlier servers. Multiple SLM Collection Points may be used to support BMC ProactiveNet 9.5 and earlier versions.