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This topic provides details about retrieving and viewing BMC Atrium Configuration Management Database (CMDB) configuration items in Infrastructure Management service models. The BMC Atrium CMDB is used for sharing configuration data among various BMC products.

Infrastructure Management can automatically detect business service impact relationships stored in the BMC Atrium CMDB to perform precise root cause and business impact analysis, utilizing fewer people to triage problems. Leveraging existing configuration items (CIs) and service impact relationships defined in the BMC Atrium CMDB ensures consistency and eliminates the need to maintain the same information in multiple tools. If you configure event propagation among the nodes of one Infrastructure Management enterprise environment, status propagation occurs. Infrastructure Management supports distribution of service models across the nodes of a Infrastructure Management enterprise environment. For more information, see Use cases for centralized service models.


If you are integrating with the BMC Atrium CMDB, all BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers in your environment must be synchronized with a single CMDB for probable cause analysis and event propagation to work properly.

If you configure a new Atrium CMDB with BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server and you need to publish a service model, you must manually update and restart the publishing server configuration.

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