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The Infrastructure Management administrator console allows you to modify the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server and the Integration Service network management areas by adding or deleting device groups, monitored devices, data collection adapters, or changing event management configuration. You can also manage supported infrastructure components and service models. The administrator console also provides access to event management policies, the dynamic data editor, and the services editor.

Navigating the administrator console

The Administrator Console has two main tabs:

  • Administration – Use this tab for general administration of Infrastructure Management administration tasks, working with event management policies, working with dynamic data using the Dynamic Data Editor, and administering the Infrastructure Management infrastructure, such as the event managment cells.
  • Services Editor – Use this tab to manually edit services if the Infrastructure Management server is not integrated to the CMDB. This tab provides service editing functionality only; it does not display service impact or CI status. That functionality is provided by the operator console.

Administration tab

The Administration tab includes the following subtabs, identified by these icons:
— General Administration
— Event Management Policies
— Dynamic Data Editor
— Infrastructure Management

Menu options change depending upon the subtab you have selected.

Services Editor tab

The Services Editor tab of the administrator console is used by admnistrators who manually build service models in environments where the Infrastructure Management server is not integrated with the CMDB. Service models are created by organizing service model components into hierarchical relationships that can then be navigated by operators and service managers in the operator console.

From the service model component, IT operations staff can view and manage the underlying events in the operator console. For more information, see Working with Infrastructure Management.

For more information about using the administrator console to view services models, see Getting started with the Infrastructure Management Administrator Console.

Tasks performed in the administrator console versus Central Monitoring Administration

Central Monitoring Administration is installed with the BMC TrueSight Presentation Server and is the preferred console for setting up agents and monitoring polices for event management Open link . The following table list the tasks you can perform through the administrator console and through Central Monitoring Administration Open link .


Administrator console

Central Monitoring Administration

Configure BMC PATROL monitoring solutions

Configure adapters for external monitors, such as IBM Tivoli, HP Operations Manager, and BMC Portal

Create policies to manage events

Create policies to manage monitor configuration, data and event filtering, server and agent threshold creation, agent configuration, data collection blackout settings, and global thresholds

Create thresholds and set server-side intelligent thresholds

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