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This section provides a high-level example of how service model objects in BMC Atrium CMDB are published to the cell and how they are viewed and monitored in Infrastructure Management.

In this example, your BMC Atrium CMDB maintains an online ordering service model that has three services - online ordering, databases, and web servers.

  • The database service consists of two database devices (BMC_Database configuration items) called DB1 and DB2.
  • The web server service consists of two web server devices (BMC_SoftwareServer configuration items) called Web1 and Web2.
  • The online ordering service is dependent on, and impacted by, the database service, the web server service, and the configuration items.

The following illustration describes this relationship:

In BMC Atrium CMDB, you use the BMC Impact Model Designer to plot out the service model objects. It uses the Atrium - Publish Me and My Providers publication filter to publish the service model to Infrastructure Management. In a sandbox dataset, you specify how each component in the service model is published to the cell. Because the online ordering service is a top-level consumer component, you configure it to publish with its provider components.


Do not change the default publication setting for the provider components; by default, their publication is determined by the setting of their consumer components.

After setting up the service model components, you promote the service model. Promotion reconciles objects from the sandbox dataset to the production dataset. By default, service model objects are automatically published to the cell.

The following figure shows an example of how the service model looks in the administrator console. The lock icon that is displayed by each component indicates that the component cannot be edited in the administrator console. You can only edit a service model object in its source environment.

Example of the published service model in the administrator console

After you publish components, you associate the required monitors with these components.

By default, the services that you publish from BMC Atrium CMDB do not contain any metrics. For an effective Probable Cause Analysis, you have to add those metrics that indicate the health/status of the services. For details, see Configuring Infrastructure Management to perform probable cause analysis.