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Infrastructure Management provides data integration with the third-party products listed under this topic.

Integrating with IBM Tivoli Monitoring

Infrastructure Management integrates with IBM Tivoli Monitoring and collects numerical system data and network monitoring performance data from IBM Tivoli Monitoring. It displays the data in Infrastructure Management for in-depth probable cause analysis. With this integration, you can import IBM Tivoli Monitoring application classes into Infrastructure Management and automatically synchronize the performance data collected by these application classes into Infrastructure Management.

For more information about integrating with IBM Tivoli Monitoring, see Adapter for IBM Tivoli Monitoring. 

Integrating with Microsoft Operations Manager and System Center Operations Manager

Microsoft Operations Manager

This integration enables Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) alert data to be viewed, managed and modeled by Infrastructure Management, allowing  you to use one console for enterprise-wide event and service impact management.

Microsoft System Center Operations Manager

The integration of Infrastructure Management with Microsoft's System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) allows organizations to forward OpsMgr events through to Infrastructure Management enabling you to better manage and understand how OpsMgr events affect the business.

  • The SCOM adapter communicates with the SCOM Server using the Microsoft-provided C# libraries.
  • The C# API uses the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) technology.
  • The Microsoft WCF technology uses Kerberos or SSL (NTLM) for security authentication.

For details about configuring Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, see Adapter for SCOM.

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