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Rule-based groups are dynamic groups created by specifying rules.

To create a new group by specifying rules

  1. From the Administration Console, select the Group folder, right-click and select Add Group.
  2. In the Add Group dialog box in the Group Name field, specify a name (maximum length of 60 characters; no spaces) for the new group.
  3. In the Group Description field, specify a description for the group.
  4. Select Group made by specifying rules
  5. Click Next. The Select Group window is displayed.
  6. Select the Group Name, Device Name, or Monitor Instance Name.
  7. Specify the Pattern Match. Instances which belong to a matching group name, device name, or monitor instance name are automatically included as the members of this group. Pattern matching supports all Java Regular Expression pattern matches.
  8. Select the monitor types that need to be associated to the group. Select All to include all monitor types, or select Selected to associate the selected monitor types.
  9. Click Add or Remove to add or remove the selected monitor types. 
  10. Click Show Members to display the list of monitor types that match the pattern.
  11. Click Finish. The rule-based group is created and listed under the Group folder or click Close to return to the Administration Console without creating the group.