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This topic discusses the best practices that must be followed to accomplish seamless interoperability among Infrastructure Management components.

Determining whether or not PATROL Agents will be managed by policies

You must decide whether or not the PATROL Agents will be managed by policies. BMC recommends that you make this decision globally, meaning that the decision will apply to all agents across the entire environment. However, it is understood that in some environments, some agents will benefit from not being manged by policies. Additionally, there are certain scenarios that might benefit from some PATROL Knowledge Module application classes being managed by policies while other application classes within the same agent or Knowledge Module are not managed by policies. A few scenarios require a PATROL Console and PATROL Configuration Manager to manage monitoring configuration. These scenarios are primarily limited to the following agent platforms and environments that are not supported by BMC PATROL 9.5 agent or later.

  • iSeries (AS/400)
  • OpenVMS
  • Custom Knowledge Modules that are not Infrastructure Management Performance Management 9.6 compliant
  • Older operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 2000

You can configure agent rule sets in PATROL Configuration Manager, then import the rule sets into policies and allow the policy application process to manage automated application of the settings to agents. However, BMC does not recommend this method of configuration; use it only in situations in which the other monitoring configuration is not defined in policies, and use it sparingly. The only advantage of this configuration method is that the related configuration settings can be applied automatically, which is not an out-of-the-box feature in PATROL Configuration Manager.

PATROL Agent, Integration Service, and Infrastructure Management version compatibilities

List of Monitoring Solutions and KMs in Infrastructure Management

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