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PATROL Agent is a core component of the Infrastructure Management architecture that is used to monitor devices locally or remotely. PATROL Agents load information from knowledge modules (KMs), gather statistics, and send data and events to BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server.

The OS Disk Space Full workflow launches a Get PATROL Annotation Data subworkflow that retrieves the annotation data from the PATROL Agent to enrich the event, provided the PATROL agent is enabled to accept annotation data. Use these summary steps to configure your PATROL Agent to include annotation data in the event description.


For a listing of PATROL related documentation that provides detailed instructions, see Related installation and configuration documentation.

  1. Launch the PATROL Developer Console.
  2. Add the PATROL agent system and login credentials in the Add Host dialog box.

    Add Host dialog box: PATROL Console
  3. Load the Knowledge Modules (KM) on the PATROL agent.
    For the OS Disk Space Full workflow, focus on the Logical Disks KM and the LDIdDiskSpaceUsed parameter. This is the parameter on which you want to add annotation data when it goes into an alarm. In the event message of the Infrastructure Management Operation Console, the annotation data takes the form Alarm #2 of global parameter 'LDIdDiskSpaceUsed' triggered ... .
  4. To configure the PATROL agent to include annotation data (Windows), in the navigation tree, access the Knowledge Module > Application Classes > NT_Logical_Disks class.
  5. Select Global > Parameters > LDIdDiskSpaceUsed to open the Parameter Properties dialog box.

    Parameter Properties dialog box: PATROL Console
  6. Choose the Alarm Ranges tab, and specify your interval ranges for Alarm1 and Alarm2.
  7. Choose the Alarm1 Actions tab, and launch the PATROL Configuration Manager.

    Parameter Properties dialog box: Alarm1 Actions tab
  8. In the Recovery Actions Properties dialog box, choose the Command tab.
  9. Enter an appropriate PSL annotation command, such as in the following example:

    annotate ("/NT_LOGICAL_DISKS/C:/LDIdDiskSpaceUsed","%Text","This is for Disk Space used Warning event");

    The Recovery Actions Properties dialog box displays the command as shown in the following figure:

    Recovery Actions Properties dialog box: PATROL Console

  10. Reenter the PSL annotation command for the Alarm2 Actions tab.
  11. In the navigation tree, open the right-click menu, and choose KM Commands > Refresh Parameters.

    Whenever an alarm event is generated, the annotation text becomes part of the event definition. The OS Disk Space Full workflow retrieves this annotation text as part of the Get PATROL Annotation Data subworkflow. This text is included in the Notes details of the trigger event in the Events Console of the operator console, as shown in the following figure:

    Notes dialog box: PATROL annotation data


    Remember to add your PATROL agent credential information to the Datacenter in the AutoPilot Credentials Store.