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The Credential Store contains the information the BMC Atrium Orchestrator needs to communicate with the computers in your environment. You must configure the Credential Store to your environment.


In order to view and edit the configuration items within the Credential Store, you must be connected to Development Studio with an account that has been assigned the ADMIN role. BMC recommends that you change the password for the default admin account in Access Manager. See the BMC Atrium Orchestrator 7.6.01 System Administrator Guide for more information.

To modify the Credential Store

  1. Log on to Development Studio with an account that has been assigned the ADMIN role.
  2. Click Designer View.
  3. In the Project Explorer under Operations Actions, double-click the AutoPilot Credentials Store module to expand it.
  4. Double-click Configuration to open the Configuration Editor module.
  5. Under Configuration, double-click the configuration group to display the configuration group items.
  6. Double-click a group item to view the configuration items within that group.

    Verify the value of each configuration item in the following configuration groups, and make the changes as needed for your environment:


    Configuration groupSee
    Data centerDatacenter configuration details
    PATROL DatacenterPATROL Datacenter configuration details
  7. Repeat the process of modifying the configuration groups until you finish customizing them for your environment.
  8. When you have completed the configuration, export the AutoPilot Credentials Store to the connected grid to get the updates into the grid.

Datacenter configuration details

The Datacenter configuration defines the connection details for the managed computers. The configuration defines the user credentials that enable the workflows to access the managed computers.

(For additional information about the Datacenter, refer to AutoPilot Credentials Store.) The following table describes the different variables:

Credential configuration values 

Domain_Name(Optional) If you have only one domain, you can use the default. If you want to manage more than one domain, you must specify their names.
UsernameThe name of the user with root privileges that will perform the triage and remediation tasks for the computers.
PasswordThe password for the user.
Invocation_MechanismThe way that BMC Atrium Orchestrator will communicate with the identified computers. The mechanism must be specified in the Adapter Invocation Mechanism Mappings. Default values are already set in the Adapter Invocation Mechanism Mappings. The recommended invocation mechanism is SSH.
TimeoutThe number of seconds before the connection attempt times out.
HostNameThe name of the computer or computers. The asterisk (*) wild card character is allowed. If the username and password are the same for the systems in a domain, specify * in place of the host name.

Only one asterisk (*) character is permitted in each domain. 

The following example illustrates the configuration of data center credentials.

PATROL Datacenter configuration details

The PATROL Datacenter configuration is an XML statement that defines the connection details for the PATROL agent in the domain. The following example illustrates the XML for configuring the PATROL connection credentials.

  <domain name="2k3aovm5.local">
    <host username="patrol" password="patrol123" invocation-mechanism="windows-command" timeout="120" port="3181" protocol="TCP">*</host>