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Infrastructure Management provides the following Command Line Interfaces (CLI):

  • Infrastructure Management Command Line Interface — provides an alternative to using the Administrator Console for Infrastructure Management setup operations, as well as the ability to perform diagnostics on your system. Commands used with the Infrastructure Management CLI are prefaced with pw. Infrastructure Management CLI commands can be referred to as pw commands.
  • cell Command Line Interface — provides a method to control the operation of the cells.
  • Publishing Server Command Line Interface — configures and controls the Publishing Server, the Infrastructure Management component that publishes service impact models.

Infrastructure Management Command Line Interface

On Microsoft Windows, it is recommended that you run the Infrastructure Management CLI commands from the PWTray icon as this sets the correct environment variables within a Microsoft Windows command shell. On UNIX or Linux, these commands can be entered from a command line. It is helpful to be familiar with UNIX and shell commands when using the CLI.

All Infrastructure Management CLIs can be used for the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server. Some Infrastructure Management CLIs can be used with the Integration Service.

Most Infrastructure Management pw commands can be executed only by users with admin privileges on the host where the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server is installed. 

For instructions about launching the Infrastructure Management CLI and details about Infrastructure Management CLI commands, see Accessing the Command Line Interface.

Cell Command Line Interface

You can use the cell CLI for the following:

  • Create, start, stop, and configure cells
  • Send events, retrieve information from the cell, and compile the Knowledge Base (KB) of the cell
  • Execute commands to control the cell operation

For instructions about using the cell CLI and details about cell CLI commands, see Infrastructure Management mcell commands.

Publishing Server Command Line Interface

The Publishing Server CLI allows you to publish data from the BMC Atrium CMDB service model to the cell.

For information about the Publishing Server CLI, see Configuring Publishing Server CLI commands and Using Publishing Server CLI commands.