The following issues can occur when you are using cells.


If you are experiencing issues with a cell, you can turn on cell tracing to help diagnose the problem. For instructions, see Configuring cell tracing.


The cell will not start

It is possible that a statbld failure has occurred.

User Response:
If there is nothing in the log trace files to help you diagnose the issue, try running the cell in the foreground. This frequently provides the information needed to correct the issue or enough information for BMC Support to diagnose the problem. To run the cell in the foreground, enter mcell -n cellName -d

If a statbld failure has occurred, to correct this problem, perform these steps:

  1. Look for the following files in the installationDirectory/pw/server/var/cellName directory:
    • mcdb.0
    • mcdb.lock
  2. If either or both of these files are present, delete them.
  3. Restart the cell.


BMC-IMC890104W:The cell is not responding to a client request

The client has made a request to the cell, but the cell is not responding.

User Response:
Check the connection status of the cell.


The primary and secondary servers for the high availability cell are in active mode simultaneously or are unsynchronized.

This can occur for one of the following reasons:

  • The primary and secondary servers are running on a network that has an unreliable connection.
  • When a high availability cell has started using any of the mcell -I initialization options (for example, -ia, -id, or other variants).
  • When the primary server is started first and terminates before the secondary server is started.

User Response:
Synchronize the mcdb and xact files of the primary and secondary servers. Perform the following steps to synchronize the primary and secondary servers:

  1. If the issue was caused by an unreliable network, resolve the network issue.
  2. Shut down both cell servers.
  3. Copy the mcdb and xact files of the preferred server to the other server. (The preferred server can be either primary or secondary.)
  4. Start the secondary cell server.
  5. Start the primary cell server.
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