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Effective Dec 20, 2019, this adapter is no longer supported by BMC. However, the adapter is available in the product. 

This section provides an overview of the concepts and the procedure for using the Infrastructure Management adapter for IBM Tivoli Monitoring.

The Infrastructure Management adapter for IBM Tivoli Monitoring collects numerical system and network monitoring performance data from IBM Tivoli Monitoring and displays the data in Infrastructure Management for in-depth and probable-cause analysis. Using the adapter, you can import IBM Tivoli Monitoring application classes into Infrastructure Management and automatically synchronize the performance data collected by these application classes into Infrastructure Management. The following figure illustrates the major components of the adapter architecture.

Adapter for IBM Tivoli Monitoring architecture

Configuring and creating an adapter instance starts in the administration console where you connect to the IBM Tivoli Monitoring Integration Service, and provide information to connect to the Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server (TEMS). The adapter loads all agents from the TEMS using XML files, which contain IBM Tivoli Monitoring agent specifications, to build a monitoring environment. In the environment, you choose the object types to import and then select the parameter to monitor.

The adapter for IBM Tivoli Monitoring communicates through a SOAP service, with the TEMS. The adapter synchronizes the monitor information with Infrastructure Management to display in the Operations Console.
Infrastructure Management includes several XML files for common IBM Tivoli Monitoring agents. You can use the XML files as-is, edit the files, or create files for custom-designed agents.


The Integration Service is built on the Integration Service infrastructure. On-screen Infrastructure Management elements sometimes refer to the Integration Service. However, the adapters for BMC PATROL, HP OM, and IBM Tivoli Monitoring use the same Integration Service.

The following table provides information about configuring and using the Infrastructure Management adapter for IBM Tivoli Monitoring:



Use, edit, or create an XML file for use with IBM Tivoli Monitoring agents.

See XML files for IBM Tivoli Monitoring agents.

Verify that you have all the prerequisites for the adapter.

See Prerequisites of adapter for IBM Tivoli Monitoring.

Add the Infrastructure Management adapter for IBM Tivoli Monitoring.

See Adding an adapter for IBM Tivoli Monitoring.

Modify the list of monitored attributes.

See Modifying the list of monitored IBM Tivoli Monitoring attributes.

Refer to detailed information about the Tivoli attributes.

Refer to IBM Tivoli documentation.