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Management data is the data that is referred to by configuration items (CIs) and impact relationships. For example, impact propagation models, status calculation models, priority to status mapping. Management data is always published to all cells of a publishing environment. A default set of management data is in the kb/data directory of the cell and in the CMDB Extensions.

An impact management data instance of a higher priority publish origin might replace the same impact management data instance of a lower priority publish origin. However, in the case of the same priority publish origin, an impact management data instance can be published only once from one publish environment to a cell.

Each component and impact relationship of a cell can refer to each management data instance regardless of the source of the management data in the cell (Direct Feed or Atrium CMDB publishing or DirectPublish publishing or CellPublish publishing).

Direct Feed management data can also be referred to by published CIs and relationships. The management data need not be published to be referred to by published CIs and relationships.