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This section provides information about using BMC PATROL for Sybase in the BMC PATROL, BMC ProactiveNet , and BMC TrueSight environments.

To use in BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management 9.6.00environment
BMC ProactiveNet 9.6 documentation
To use in BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management 9.6.00 environmentBMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management documentation
To use in BMC TrueSight Operations Management 10.0.00 environment

BMC TrueSight Operations Management


You can perform the following tasks by using the KM on specific consoles. For more information about additional tasks, see the following topics:

Using in BMC PATROL environment

Modifying or deleting Sybase environment

Using BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management or BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management

Using blackouts

Where to go from here

If you want to view troubleshooting information, see Troubleshooting.

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