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For information on troubleshooting PATROL for Sybase, refer to the following topics:

SQL query is displayed on the BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management even after deleting it 


Even if you delete all Custom SQL queries from the configuration settings, the SQL query which was executed last will be still displayed on the BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management console.


Restart the PATROL Agent or enable the policy.

When you use JDBC to connect to DB, the configuration might fail or connection might have refused sometimes 


Since Java is not compatible with the JRE, as a result of this no data is collected and hence the MonitoringStatus parameter is in offline state


Check if the Java is compatible with the JRE that you have through envChecker utility.

In case, if the Connection refused, verify the following:

  • Check if the inputs are valid.
  • Check if there is a firewall that prevents the connection.
  • Check if the port configured is not restricted.
  • Check if the password is encrypted in ASE. If it is encrypted, use the configuration for encrypted password

When you cannot configure the KM with error Charset CESU-8 not recognized


Add the following to the JAVA setting either from TrueSight console or from PATROL console KM command:

For PATROL console

  • On SYBASE, go to the KM command and click on Set JAVA Environment. Enter java argument -Dfile.encoding=CESU-8

For TrueSight console

  • Modify the existing policy by setting the JAVA Environment by entering java argument -Dfile.encoding=CESU-8


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