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PATROL security is installed as part of the agent, console server, and consoles. KMs inherit the security policy from the agent, console server, and console on which they are installed. PATROL for Sybase can operate at any of the PATROL security levels. However, higher security levels require more overhead, which can effect performance. If this is a concern, you can determine which level of security is installed and how it was implemented.

To check the security level of a previously installed agent, console server, or console

  1. From the command line, switch to the path on the computer that you want to check: %BMC_ROOT\..\common\security\bin\OS (Windows) or $BMC_ROOT/../common/security/bin/OS (UNIX)
  2. To display the security policy of the current computer, run the following command:

{{esstool policy -a}}

For more information about PATROL security, see the following documents:

  • PATROL Security User Guide
  • PATROL Security Release Notes
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