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BMC PATROL Agent generates events for PATROL objects that are blacked out. The following new event classes are added to the Standard Event Catalog:

BlackoutStart event

When blackout for a PATROL object starts, BMC PATROL Agent generates a BlackoutStart event. The BlackoutStart event contains the blackout type and duration, and the information message.

BlackoutStop event

When the blackout of an object is complete, BMC PATROL Agent sends a BlackoutStop event. The BlackoutStop event description contains the type of blackout and the information message.


The BMC PATROL Agent version 3.8.00 installation package includes patch version of PATROL KM for Event Management.

Install this patch if you want to use BMC PATROL KM for Event Management.

This patch includes the modified standard event catalog that contains information related to the BlackoutStart and BlackoutStop event classes.

Additional events

For the TYPE_EVENT blackout type, if the state of the PATROL object is not OK, BMC PATROL Agent generates an additional update status event, soon after the blackout is completed.