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This section details how to manage access to the agent. Through an access control list (ACL), the agent allows you to define the following:

  • Who has access to the agent
  • What hosts have access to the agent
  • What type of PATROL consoles and utilities have access to the agent, and any combination of these three types of control


The actual log ons are subject to account and password validation. Even with the most lenient access control list (all users from all hosts in any type of mode), you cannot log on with an unknown account.

With PATROL Agent version 3.9.00, ACL supports Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). For more information, see HostName and UserName attribute conventions.

Backing up your configuration files before defining an ACL

Before creating an ACL, back up your agent configuration file (config.default), which contains installation default values, and your agent configuration change file (user-defined_filename.cfg), which contains any customizations that you made to agent configuration variables. Copy and save these files outside the PATROL directory structure.

Backing up these files ensures that you can restore the agent to its previous state if your ACL definitions produce unexpected or undesirable results.

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