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When you access the PATROL Agent with the agent configuration utility through the PATROL Developer Console (use MB3 to select Development > Agent Configuration), the utility uses the account that was used to log on to the operating system. The utility does not use the account that the console used to connect to the agent.


At least one account, the account that is used to log on to the console, must have developer and configuration access mode.

To perform development and configuration actions, the following two conditions must be met:

  • The account's ACL entry must include both Developer ("D") and Configure ("C") access.
  • The user must log on to the operating system and the developer console using the same account.

To permit a user (patrol_adm_4) to perform configuration and development tasks from any computer, enter:

"/AgentSetup/accessControlList" = {REPLACE = "patrol_adm_4/*/CD"}