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This monitoring profile helps you monitor the following resources related to the Oracle WeLogic. Each of the resources in the following list is a monitor type that contains attributes. These attributes in turn monitor the performance of the various resources. You can directly apply this monitoring profile so that the following monitor types are automatically configured.

Monitor typeConfiguration required?

Oracle WebLogic

Yes. Steps to configure this monitor type are documented at:

  • WebLogic JOLT Connection  Pool
  • WebLogic JCA Connector Work Manager
  • WebLogic Execute Queue
  • WebLogic JDBC Service
  • WebLogic JMS Producer
  • WebLogic Thread Pool
  • WebLogic webService Cluster Routing
  • WebLogic JMS Connection
  • WebLogic Cluster
  • WebLogic JCA
  • WebLogic Persistent Stores
  • WebLogic Environment
  • WebLogic Transaction Name
  • WebLogic WLDF Watch Notification
  • WebLogic WLDF File Archive
  • WebLogic Max Thread
  • WebLogic JMS
  • WebLogic Web Service Client Operation
  • WebLogic JMS Durable Subscriber
  • WebLogic Transaction Resource
  • WebLogic Request Class
  • WebLogic JMS Session Pool
  • WebLogic JTA Recovery
  • WebLogic Work Manager
  • WebLogic Server Domain
  • WebLogic Connector Service
  • WebLogic JRockit
  • WebLogic Admin Server
  • WebLogic Web Service Port
  • Custon MBean Condition
  • WebLogic Jolt Connection Service
  • WebLogic WLDF Wl Store Archive
  • WebLogic JCA Connector Service
  • WebLogic JMS Destination
  • WebLogic EJB Transaction
  • WebLogic User Lockout Mnager
  • WebLogic Mean Thread
  • WebLogic SAF Agent
  • WebLogic WLDF DB Store Archive
  • WebLogic EJB Cache
  • WebLogic EJB Query
  • WebLogic JDBC Oracle Client
  • WebLogic SAF JMS Remote EndPoint
  • WebLogic Local Managed Server
  • WebLogic Web Service Port Policy
  • WebLogic Servlet
  • WebLogic JTA
  • WebLogic JCA Connector Connection
  • WebLogic WLDF Harvester
  • WebLogic EJB Pool
  • WebLogic JVM
  • WebLogic EJB Lock
  • WebLogic Web Application
  • WebLogic AS
  • WebLogic Web Service
  • WebLogic EJB
  • WebLogic SAF
  • WebLogic WLDF Instrumentation
  • WebLogic JMS Consumer
  • WebLogic WLDF Data Access
  • WebLogic SAF WSR Remote EndPoint
  • WebLogic JDBC
  • WebLogic Tuxedo Connector
  • WebLogic Non XA Resource
  • WebLogic Persisitent Store
  • WebLogic JMS Server
  • WebLogic Web Service Operation
  • WebLogic EJB Singleton
  • WebLogic Managed Server
  • WebLogic J2EE Applications
  • WebLogic JMS Session
  • WebLogic JDBC Oracle
  • WebLogic JOLT Connection
No. You can directly start monitoring of these monitor type when you configure the Oracle WebLogic monitor type.

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